Here at Power Elite our view on nutrition is moving past the old “diets” which are proven not to work and onto more effective methods. We will briefly go through each point of why the traditional methods have failed for over 50 years (as evident in the obesity epidemic):

  • RIGID DIET PLANS: this is a psychological factor. Simply put, no one can sustain a lifestyle on a fully restricted intake and sustain it, plain and simple. You will fail, feel guilty then overeat on all the things you could not have……..and this is NORMAL human behaviour.

  • ENDLESS CARDIO: some cardio is fine for health and fitness but too much cardio will see you lose muscle. If you lose muscle you lose your metabolic rate and you will end up “skinny fat” ie slim but with no tone at all.

  • SEVERE CALORIE DEFICIT: now a deficit is needed for fat loss, but severe deficits for rapid ‘weight loss’ will incur another big drop in muscle mass and again lower your metabolic rate and also leave you malnourished and feeling tired and sluggish

  • SCALE FOCUSED: they only care about the scale weight going down. However this is a very poor guide to what is actually happening. For example, you lose 10kg on the scales, but it was 5kg of fat and 5kg of muscle…this is a POOR outcome. Another scenario, you lose 5kg on the scale but its 6kg of fat loss (1kg more than scenario one) and you gain 1kg of muscle. Now this is a GREAT outcome. You will look far better, feel far better and having maintained you metabolism you can sustain the new body composition.

  • NO EDUCATION: once you stop blindly following the plan you have learnt nothing about food and hence cannot make better future decisions

So as you can see this creates the perfect storm of metabolic damage and muscle loss, which in turn leads to rapid weight regain and another “failure” mentally.



Our nutritional approach is based on the opposite of the traditional dieting factors, it’s designed to:


  • Have a flexible approach to food based on science backed principles so you have no restriction on food choice and can accommodate all situations in normal life. For example, shift work, social occasions or even a Saturday night pizza and movie night. This is coached one on one !

  • We do NOT go by scale weight, we directly monitor fat loss and muscle gain to give tone points .

  • It employs only a mild calorie deficit to ensure a healthy and sustainable rate of fat loss (no severe deficits).

  • We mentor and work on the mental aspect of fat loss to encourage a change of habits and mindset.


We create an environment that fosters positive results. We believe EDUCATION is key! The whole way thru you are mentored not just on food but on training, lifestyle, mind set and the practical application in real life.